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Write Your Testimony with Joseph Editorial Services in 2024!

Can I just be honest for a second? It’s just us here, right?

Okay, because I need to get something off my chest…

I’m extremely excited and terrified about what God is going to do with my editing gift in 2024.

Both of them….in equal parts…and at the same time.

Sound crazy? Let me explain.

For the last five years, I’ve operated Joseph Editorial Services, a small business dedicated to serving self and hybrid publishing authors of all genres. I loved every second of it and learned so much about the craft and skill it takes to do this job. I fell in love with so many of my clients and the characters they created. It’s been an awesome journey!

At the beginning of 2023, I was praying, and God let me know He was taking the brand in a different direction. My personal life was in shambles and my footing was so unsteady at that time, it felt like a punishment for Him to do that to me. Editing was the one thing I still had control over, and He was shifting that? I asked for so many second opinions I know Jesus was sick of me!

I fought it and was very hardheaded until April when my sister-in-law took her own life a few days before my birthday. It left me questioning so many things in my own life. I’d invested a ton of time in personal development and becoming the woman I wanted to be, but I’d lost sight of what was really important.

God and being there for the ones I love.

When I first started editing, I told myself this would help me take care of myself and my children because I don’t like to depend on people. However, the allure of the money soon took hold of me, and I started to work more and more, giving less time to my children, the most important people in my world. I’ve had two children since I started this brand and my clients can tell you, I worked through both pregnancies.

Like the whole time!

I was literally in bed hours after giving birth working on edits. I was working around the clock with a newborn! A few of my clients didn’t even know I was pregnant until I gave birth and asked for an extension on their project because my head was down, and I was grinding so hard.

It was insane.

It became an escape. Things in my home life were tumultuous and I felt lost and worthless, so I gave all of that pain to my business. The money was great, and, in my mind, it would be my way out of the situation I found myself in. No matter how much I made, it was never enough to make that transition.

Mid-way through the year, I started getting prophecies and confirmations from all over the place, especially my first cousin who I call Pastor Kristy. She was letting me know God had something better for me, but I had to make a choice, and I knew exactly what she was talking about. All those times when my mental health wasn’t good, I didn’t choose God, I chose my business. When I dealt with the issues of life, I didn’t give them to God, I gave them to my business. When everything in my life got rocky, I ran to Joseph Editorial Services. I made it my source and moved God to the side. He became someone I spoke to occasionally when I had time.

Over the past few months, I’ve made a choice to surrender to God in every way possible. Nothing is off the table; He can have it all! I will never again get so caught up in chasing money that I’m not available for people when they need me, and for myself. I need my relationship with God more than anything else. He is my everything…literally. I have to take the time to invest in our relationship. I owe God everything and for the rest of my life, I’m not giving Him anything less.

When He spoke to me about revamping Joseph Editorial Services to service the people of God who He has told to write their testimonies, I was wrecked. I just knew I misheard Him. I gave Him everything but in my mind that meant He was going to bless what I was already doing. I didn’t expect a full rehaul. I didn’t expect Him to switch my target audience that drastically.

But that’s what He requires of me, and I can’t afford to disobey any longer.

So, effective January 1, 2024, Write Your Testimony with Joseph Editorial Services will be open for business. The Bible says in Revelation 12:11 that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. So many of us are sitting on the answers others need, the push they need to continue, and the building blocks to strengthen their faith and I’m determined to help you get them all out. Your testimony has the answer someone else desperately needs! Please share it so we can overcome through the word of your testimony!

I made my choice. I chose God and I’ve been choosing Him every day since then. This brand is not my source, He is. The books I’m blessed to work on are not my peace, He is. I’m not running after money anymore. I’m chasing God with everything in me.

Who else feels like that? I know I’m not the only one determined to please God no matter what it costs.

I’ve been working on faith-based books off and on for the last few years. Without fail, every person God sends me to, or sends to me, blesses me with their project and it’s an honor to serve them. I’ll still service my existing clients. We’ve built relationships that are more life friendships than anything else now. But I’ll be adding to that by mostly serving those who want to share their message of how they got over through both fiction and nonfiction books.

I know God is going to bless this because it is His plan.

I want to encourage you to follow His word. Do what God is calling you to do. His way is so much better than anything you could imagine. Listen, my life is still jacked up, but I have peace because I know none of this caught God off guard. He already knew this was going to happen to me, and since He knew, I’m confident that He already made a way of escape.

Something I need may be in your testimony! Don’t hold my blessing hostage! If you have a story you know God has been pulling on you to write, reach out to me. I’d love the opportunity to show you why so many of my clients trust me with their words. I’m skilled but more importantly than that, I’m going before God on behalf of your idea. I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help you release those words in the way God desires to bring them through so they are impactful to your readers and maintain the anointing your testimony holds.

Keep me in your prayers as I walk out my faith and know that I’m always praying for you!

We’ll talk soon!

p.s. Here are a few of the faith-based books I’ve worked on recently! All of them should be available on Amazon, so please make sure to support these amazing authors and their testimonies. I guarantee you’re going to see the love of Jesus inside the pages and refresh your soul!

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