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Why You Need to Find the Right Editor for Your Project

I love this quote! It describes exactly what I do with every book I have the privilege of working on.

Joseph Editorial Services is a lighthouse. My only purpose for creating this small business is to guide authors to shore. Allowing writers to self-publish the words burning in their hearts, releasing them to those who need them most.

Editing can be a difficult process. The vast majority of writers give up in editing because the critiques are so harsh. I'd like to encourage you to try again with a new editor. One who understands your vision for the project, who isn't trying to change your writing or content but is working with you to retain your authenticity.

One of the things that makes me different from other editors is my commitment to the author's words. I think far too often, editors impose their own will on a manuscript, almost forcing authors to rewrite it so it meets with the editor's convictions. I've seen many talented authors give up on writing because they've been critiqued too harshly by an editor. I’ve read more rants on why a book wasn’t good and what an editor disliked about the storyline and characters disguised as manuscript evaluations than I care to remember. Each time, I was deeply saddened at the callousness with which the writer was treated. Somewhere along the way, editors became synonymous with tearing up books and changing their foundation, rather than assisting the author to enhance what they wrote. That’s not okay, and it’s something I’m seeking to change one author at a time.

My mission is to preserve the authenticity of your words, thoughts, and vision for your book. It shouldn't read the way I, nor anyone else, would write it. Your genuineness should be maintained at all costs. It is my job to help you present your words in a way that is easily digested by the reader, so nothing impacts their ability to see the picture you've painted. It is not my job to tell you what your readers will or won't like. Reader taste varies greatly, even within the same sub-genre, so it’s inconsiderate and dishonest to tell an author no one is going to read or enjoy their book, in my opinion.

I work with a four-time New York Times Bestselling author and many USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors. Their storylines are incredible and capture the minds of mainstream audiences. I also work with brilliant business owners, CEOs and thought leaders who sell a couple hundred copies of their books. Their definition of success is helping others overcome difficulties in life, showing the way through their experiences, failures and triumphs.

What do you want your book to do for you?

  • Create a platform for public speaking?

  • Help you present yourself as an expert?

  • Reach those who are where you were, showing them how to transition to greater?

  • Launch a coaching firm?

  • Strengthen the faith of the reader?

  • Provide daily encouragement?

  • Highlight your ability to tell dynamic stories?

The possibilities are limitless and within your reach. Whatever you desire to accomplish, I'll partner with you to ensure your words convey that message clearly to the reader. Joseph Editorial Services will always remain faithful to your voice. It's a point of pride for me to see an author who has been beaten down by the industry finally release their book…and then to watch readers bestow praise on them for the work. Your words deserve to be heard as you wrote them, with your intention intact. Allow us the opportunity to show you the difference it makes to have an editor who is focused on helping you grow rather than changing your perspective.

If you wrote your story and were discouraged by an overly harsh editor, it would be my pleasure to help you try again! Self-publishing allows you the freedom of releasing your message, your way. Your words are necessary and there is a market waiting to read them. Are you ready to give it another go?

Send me a sample of your work to get started! I look forward to showing you why so many trust me with their words!

Click here to get started!

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