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Vexed: The Streets Never Loved Me Series Review

Nikki Brown

An emotional rollercoaster from the first sentence to the last!

About this Series

Vexler “Vex” Streets was raised to be loyal before anything else, but he soon finds out that not everyone is cut from the same cloth.

Majesti Messenger has always put her family first in every aspect of her life, even when they criticize her at every turn.

Mythias “Myth” Vargas has one thing on his mind, getting money. When the woman he thought he would spend the rest of his life with leaves him high and dry he builds a wall around his heart.

Henli Banks has always been independent and head strong, doing whatever it takes to survive in such a harsh world, even if it means compromising her dignity.

It seems like the past always comes back to haunt this crew in one way or another, but when their past threatens the success of their future, they have to find a way to get ahead of it. Will the secrets and drama swallow them whole or will they find their way to love?

Interview with the Author: Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown was born and raised in Mooresville, NC. She comes from a very large, close-knit family. Nikki is married and has three beautiful children. Her passion for writing began several years ago with writing poetry and pouring her heart into her poetry notebook.

She has always had an extreme love for urban fiction, which planted the seed for composing her very own series. With her husband and best friend at her side offering persistent motivation and encouragement, she conclusively decided to wake up and follow her dream of writing. After sharing her love for urban fiction with her friends and family for several years, Nikki is thrilled to be sharing her passion with avid readers across the nation!

I had the privilege of interviewing Nikki for this article and she was a pleasure to speak with. Check out our Q&A below:

What inspired you to write this series?

I wanted to show something different, like how sometimes it’s your family that can hurt you the most. I needed readers to see the other side of the family dynamics in urban fiction. Vex’s growth and how he could’ve handled the things that he went through compared to how he actually did was significant in his journey. He shows that sometimes you can take the high road.

What makes Vexed different from your other works?

With Vex the build was slower, I took a little more time to build his and Majesti’s characters, I wanted you to feel exactly how they felt and see their growth.

Will we see these characters again?

Yes you will! That’s all I can say right now.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I absolutely love K.C. Mills, Shvonne Latrice, Natavia, Tina J and Porscha Sterling would have to be my top five. There are other authors that I always support as well: Kelly Marie, Ebony Diamonds, Taylor Kirk, Ja’Niece Barnes, Biance Maria, Bianca, just to name a few.

What motivates you to write?

I’ve always been a story teller, I love to take things that happen in my life and “animate” them. I love knowing that I can be someone’s escape from reality. Writing is soothing for me and I love being able to provide for my family doing what I love!

My Review

“You don’t really have a choice. You can build as many fucking walls around your heart as you want to,” he whispered into my ear. “Cause I’m that muthafucka that sees a wall and breaks it.”

First, it’s an absolute pleasure anytime I see Nikki Brown’s name on a book. I literally settle in and get ready for the ride she’s about to take me on, but this series upped the ante! If you are a fan of Urban/African American Fiction rest assured, she stays true to everything that makes the genre unique while also taking it up a notch. Her storytelling in this series left me wanting to know what happens next in their story, so I am extremely excited to know she’s brining these characters back at some point!

I appreciate the extra time Nikki took to develop the characters. I was able to thoroughly understand them all, their motives, and why they behaved the way they did. No character was one-dimensional. Each had several layers, so you won’t strictly feel hate or love for them. This makes them more human, more relatable, and allows you to feel empathy even when they commit the vilest acts.

I loved the bond that Vex and Myth formed. Their loyalty to one another despite their circumstances was incredible. We should all be able to identify with Vex on some level since at some point in life we’ve been wronged by another. His decision to move on with his life instead of living for revenge is a lesson to us all. His father’s fate is all the proof we need to know that if you leave it alone, that person will indeed reap what they have sown. Myth was forced into a position where he had to realize that blood doesn’t necessarily make you family and I know we can all identify with that! Not to mention they were both the quintessential “book baes”. We could go on and on about how strong, determined, and down right sexy these men were!

Majesti and Henli are two beautiful but damaged women who are just trying to live their best lives. Henli has done things she isn’t proud of, yet she refuses to allow her past to define or stop her from becoming the woman she’s destined to be! Her storyline shows us the kind of determination it takes to stand in your own truth and thrive in every aspect of your life. Majesti, like so many of us, has lived her life trying to make others happy while never attaining that goal for herself. Thankfully, a love finds her that is too strong to allow her to continue neglecting herself and she opens herself to something real, something strictly for her. Sometimes you have to push everything and everyone else aside and put yourself first. I’m with you girl!

Even the minor characters were fully developed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the scenes with the Streets’, they’re what we all strive to be as we age. I ran through a gamut of emotions with Royal. Though in the beginning, I disliked her and wanted her to fall off a cliff (and take Streets and her Mama with her), I found myself understanding her behavior and admiring the way she evolved. I was even able to empathize with Art’s perspective on his family’s situation. At the end of it all, I realized that anyone who sincerely desires forgiveness and is willing to change deserves redemption.

When I finished reading part two, I realized that this series was not just a great read, it also contained life lessons that will help make us better for ourselves and those who love us. It is available on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited platform and free to those who have a Kindle Unlimited membership! Make sure you check it out, it’s worth every moment you invest in reading it!

What Others are Saying

Final Thoughts

Vexed: The Streets Never Loved Me is a must-read series! You’re going to fall in love with these characters and their progression through life, just like I did! Also, please make sure you check Nikki’s social media platforms frequently. She is a prolific writer and has some more fire coming soon so be on the lookout!

Have you read this series yet? If so, leave me a comment below!

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