• Megan Joseph

Vexed: The Streets Never Loved Me Series Review

Nikki Brown

An emotional rollercoaster from the first sentence to the last!

About this Series

Vexler “Vex” Streets was raised to be loyal before anything else, but he soon finds out that not everyone is cut from the same cloth.

Majesti Messenger has always put her family first in every aspect of her life, even when they criticize her at every turn.

Mythias “Myth” Vargas has one thing on his mind, getting money. When the woman he thought he would spend the rest of his life with leaves him high and dry he builds a wall around his heart.

Henli Banks has always been independent and head strong, doing whatever it takes to survive in such a harsh world, even if it means compromising her dignity.

It seems like the past always comes back to haunt this crew in one way or another, but when their past threatens the success of their future, they have to find a way to get ahead of it. Will the secrets and drama swallow them whole or will they find their way to love?

Interview with the Author: Nikki Brown