• Megan Joseph

addicted street love is everything series


A must read, three-part series!

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About the Series

Street Love is an addiction far worse than any drug. To crave something so addictive will have you doing the unthinkable. Even standing behind a gun ready to pull the trigger. 

Sanaa’s life drastically changed after she found her mother, Yonnie’s lifeless body. With her mother gone, it’s her responsibility to step in and run Glitz, her mother's nail salon. Taking over brought along even more responsibilities and problems she didn’t need into her life. She’s been fine not being in a relationship to save herself the heartache. When Soul makes his grand appearance into her world every thought she’s ever had changes. 

Soul is battling between his heart and what his father wants. When he meets Sanaa he immediately is struck by her stunning beauty. He’s knowingly keeping a chilling secret from her which could end everything. As if keeping one secret from her wasn’t enough, he still has another that will eventually come to the light. Is it too late for him to gain her forgiveness? With different obstacles standing in their way, will the two be able to come together as one or will they let everything rip them apart?

Naomi and Sanaa have been best friends for what seems like forever. After Yonnie’s death, Naomi makes it her mission to uplift her best friend in any way possible. She parties hard but studies even harder. She doesn’t believe in love, let alone at first sight and feels as if she doesn’t need a man to make her complete. That is until she meets Berlin.

Berlin is Soul’s younger brother and also the hothead out the two. He doesn’t hesitate to whip out his strap and bust it whenever necessary. Being in a relationship isn’t his motive. He’d rather have a different girl in his bed every night of the week than to deal with the issues that comes with being in love. When he meets Naomi their relationship starts out fun until he realizes that he craves more from her.

Relationships are tough. Without communication, trust, and love they could easily crumble. Find out if these two couples can overcome everything that’s being thrown their way and end up living happily ever after or do they let life as they know it tear them apart?