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addicted street love is everything series


A must read, three-part series!

Series available now on Amazon Kindle!

About the Series

Street Love is an addiction far worse than any drug. To crave something so addictive will have you doing the unthinkable. Even standing behind a gun ready to pull the trigger. 

Sanaa’s life drastically changed after she found her mother, Yonnie’s lifeless body. With her mother gone, it’s her responsibility to step in and run Glitz, her mother's nail salon. Taking over brought along even more responsibilities and problems she didn’t need into her life. She’s been fine not being in a relationship to save herself the heartache. When Soul makes his grand appearance into her world every thought she’s ever had changes. 

Soul is battling between his heart and what his father wants. When he meets Sanaa he immediately is struck by her stunning beauty. He’s knowingly keeping a chilling secret from her which could end everything. As if keeping one secret from her wasn’t enough, he still has another that will eventually come to the light. Is it too late for him to gain her forgiveness? With different obstacles standing in their way, will the two be able to come together as one or will they let everything rip them apart?

Naomi and Sanaa have been best friends for what seems like forever. After Yonnie’s death, Naomi makes it her mission to uplift her best friend in any way possible. She parties hard but studies even harder. She doesn’t believe in love, let alone at first sight and feels as if she doesn’t need a man to make her complete. That is until she meets Berlin.

Berlin is Soul’s younger brother and also the hothead out the two. He doesn’t hesitate to whip out his strap and bust it whenever necessary. Being in a relationship isn’t his motive. He’d rather have a different girl in his bed every night of the week than to deal with the issues that comes with being in love. When he meets Naomi their relationship starts out fun until he realizes that he craves more from her.

Relationships are tough. Without communication, trust, and love they could easily crumble. Find out if these two couples can overcome everything that’s being thrown their way and end up living happily ever after or do they let life as they know it tear them apart? 

About the Author

Jasmine McDaniel (who goes by the pen name Taniece) is a 26- year-old from Montgomery, AL. She is the third from the youngest of twelve kids. Taniece lost both of her parents to cancer four years apart. Growing up, she used reading as a means to escape her reality. In 2016 she decided to turn her passion for reading into writing.

Taniece allowed me to ask her several questions about this series and was very candid with her answers. Check out our Q & A session below:

Why did you become a writer?

I actually started writing in 2017 after I was in an accident and found out I was sick. I never really knew my purpose, but I had a deep love for reading. One day I was reading a book (can’t remember which one) and I told my boyfriend I wanted to give it a try. So, I did and have been writing ever since. I’m at peace when I write and feel like I can say so much and reach so many people.

How did you come up with the concept for this series?

It’s funny actually, because I fell in love with the show Claws. I was watching it one day and the idea popped into my head, so I ran with it.

I love how you made the women in this series so strong, what inspired you to do that?

I just love strong women. I’m strong myself, but we also have weak points as well. Some felt like Sanaa was weak at first, but she was hurting from losing Yonnie, her mother and best friend. I went through a similar situation when mine died from cancer and I felt like I lost everything. Guess that why I connected so well with her.

Will we see any of these characters in your future works?

You definitely will and very soon I might add, but it will be focused around the children colliding with another legacy. I won’t say who just yet.

Who are your favorite writers?

Shvonne Latrice, B. Love, Grey, and Dominique Thomas. Of course, there are many more.

My Review

“Muhfucka, I forgave you when you stole from me. I forgave your bitch ass when got my fucking house shot up and I had to blame it on someone else. I forgave you when you cheated on me the first time and gifted me with gonorrhea. I can’t forgive you no fucking more. You’ve broken my heart too many fucking times to count Quentin and I can’t stick around and keep letting you crush my soul. I deserve better than this. Than you. Out there is someone who’s going to love me the way I’m supposed to be loved. Treat me the way I’m supposed to be treated. Your time with me has fucking expired and it’s time you get out my fucking life, for good this time.” -A’Karri Maserati

This series was full of unexpected twists and turns and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! I was able to identify with the emotions and actions of so many characters, especially the tenacious ladies! I have to tip my hat to Taniece because she made us believe that part two was the end of this series and many readers (including myself) wanted to know what happened next. But in true dramatic fashion, she dropped part three and had us all on the edge of our seats!

This is not your typical urban romance. While there are elements that focus on the Maserati drug empire, most of the book weaves a complex love story between three couples. This tale of strong- willed men and even stronger-willed women will hold your attention from the first page in book one to the last page in book three.

Soul is a pure “book bae” and from the first mention of him I was hooked. Though he was confident and supremely self-assured, he was still able to empathize with others. Which was why he had a girlfriend who he really wasn’t feeling and was remaining in the drug game though he wanted out badly. His reasons for attempting to stay away from Sanaa were noble, he wanted to save her from him and his world. But as the title of the book implies, addictive love is everything and you can’t fight it. Sanaa was also drawn to Soul from the first moment they met but she had no interest in being in a relationship. She had too many other things going on in her life to entertain a man full time. In fact, she had Quentin to come though on demand to take care of her needs. However, she didn’t know that he was already taken, nor the chaos that would ensue when they're secret rendezvous' were discovered. Despite the danger, the pull between her and Soul would not be denied. Just when the two of them make up their minds to be together, drama and secrets come from every angle.

Naomi was the epidemy of a strong, independent woman. Her list of priorities included school and her friendship with Sanaa, but a man didn’t make the cut. She was a free spirit who lived life on her own terms. Though she was feeling Berlin, she was determined to fight the urge. I especially enjoyed how she made him chase her. It reminded me of the Jodeci song "Feenin'" (are ya'll old enough to remember that one? lol). As Brandy and Chris Brown said "I'mma put it down, you gone fall in love"! She did her thing and he could not leave her alone! No matter how much she tried to friend zone him, he was determined to have her. She piqued his interest and had him doing things he never did for other women. Berlin was “bae” too, I enjoyed his quick temper and willingness to stand in the gap for his family whenever they needed him. Though he was a hot head, he was always available when the people he cared about needed him. His talks with Soul made me wish that every man had someone in his life who spoke that kind of truth to him.

I identified most with A’Karri and Quentin’s relationship in this series. Her plight with Quentin as well as her family’s constant meddling in her personal life pushed her over the edge. She was a woman who wanted to live life on her own terms but for one reason or another she was never allowed to do so. I believe she just wanted to be free and at the end, she achieved that goal. She also had a man who wanted her and everybody else too. He wasn’t willing to be faithful to her and was doing everything in his power to tear apart her relationship with her family so that he could further isolate her. But when he pushes her past her breaking point a series of events unfolds that will eventually claim both of their lives.

I loved this series! I found the storyline entertaining because it focused more on the relationships than the streets. I particularly liked the fact that we got to see Sanaa go through the stages of grief in real time, from the initial disbelief to eventually learning to move forward with her life without her mother. Anyone who has lost a loved one to violence will be able to identify with her and also see from her actions that revenge isn’t enough to fill that void. But love can, especially if it’s of the addictive street variety!

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Final Thoughts

The Addicted Street Love is Everything Series is an incredible read! I’d encourage you to download this series, grab a bottle of wine, and get comfortable because you’re in for a ride with this one! Also, it is free if you have Kindle Unlimited so make sure you pick it up today!

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Have you read this series? If so, leave me a comment below and tell me what you thought about it!

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