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About Megan & Joseph Editorial Services


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Six years later, her dedication and commitment to excellence remains. Her approach to editing focuses on preserving the writer's voice, allowing them to present their words in an unfiltered, genuine way. Megan believes editing is a collaborative process, where the writer holds the ultimate authority to decide what should make the final cut. The focus on guidance rather than compliance makes her clients feel at ease and in control while they work together.

Each client works with Megan one-on-one as she uses her proven methods to see their vision realized. Though many of her clients have been told they would never release a book and the statistics say only 3-percent of people who want to write a book do finish, her clients routinely beat the odds.

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Megan founded Joseph Editorial Services, LLC in May of 2018 as a stay-at-home wife, mother and recent graduate with a Master's Degree in Health Administration. Always an avid reader, that year she found many talented self-publishing or indie publishing authors on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited platform. Though they had great storylines, the lack of editing made their works tedious to finish and difficult to understand. This led her on a quest to help those authors through providing high-quality editing services to help them reach their full potential.


Since then, by the grace of God, she has impacted several publishers and dozens of self-publishing authors. She was nominated for Editor of the Year twice by the Literary Gem Awards and saw her clients achieve bestselling status at the Amazon, New York Times, and USA Today levels. She's also provided editing and coaching services to several prominent publishing houses, including:

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My promise to every client...

I understand that finding the right editor can be a daunting task. At Joseph Editorial Services, I strive to make that decision as easy as possible for you by being up front about what you can expect working with me. Here are the commitments I make to each client:

No False Guarantees

It's about motivation, not money for me. I steer clear of false promises of wealth or making tons of money. I will help you deliver a manuscript that perfectly captures your essence. This is your chance to break barriers, inspire your audience, and leave a lasting imprint. My focus is on helping you release a book that change the trajectory of the reader's life, not on making unrealistic promises of earning five or six figures from your writing.

I Edit Your Words, Not Your Voice

I'm here to amplify your voice and highlight your unique strengths, while fine-tuning those weaker sections with precision and care. This isn't just editing—it's an empowering journey. With multiple rounds of revisions, I ensure your work shines with authenticity without roadblocks that prevent your reader from easily digesting every word. Your book should sound like you. Afterall, it is the power of your story that will change the life of the reader.

You Are In Control

My mission is simple: to help you bring your unique voice to life with zero compromise on your vision. I empower you to keep complete ownership of your words and to be the ultimate decision-maker. No hidden fees, no surprise royalty cuts—just pure dedication to your success. I understand the highs and lows of the writing journey and stand by you, fueling your passion every step of the way. Your voice is the final word on what your book becomes.

My Process

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Apply to work with me.  I'll review your request and if I feel I can meet the needs of your project, I'll send you a free, sample-edit and reach out to schedule a clarity call.


I'll send the manuscript back to you, with Track Changes enabled, after each round of editing for your approval and revisions.​​ Each service includes several rounds of editing at no extra charge.


Once we've agreed on terms (deadlines, payment options, services, expectations, etc.), I'll send an editing agreement and invoice. After the initial payment is made, I'll begin working on your project. You can reach out to schedule a consultation or ask for updates at any time.


You'll learn to strengthen your pen as we work together, ensuring you're a better, more confident writer by the time we're done. When all services are complete, you'll be ready to proceed with the next stages of your self-publishing journey.

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