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A sample edit, including two services we think will best benefit you and a sample manuscript review.


Sample of Services

Sample Edit

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This three to four page written critique assesses the books viability in the intended marketplace. 

$0.001 Per Word

Critique & Feedback

manuscript review


With this service, issues related to spelling, grammar, and other typos that negatively impact the readability of the manuscript will be corrected.

$0.002 Per Word

Word Level Edit


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This edit will address grammar, usage, consistency, redundancy, and recasting sentences for clarity and flow. 

$0.003 Per Word

Paragraph and Sentence Level Edit

Line & Copy editing

Substantial Editing.jpg

Reworking the manuscript to deliver clear content by examining overall structure, organization, plot, pacing, character development, flow, and troublesome writing habits.

$0.004 Per Word

Big Picture Edit

substantial editing

editing services