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What My Clients Say About Me

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Brooke Renee

I woke up to my final edits of my manuscript! Working with my editor Megan Joseph has been a great experience…this was my first time working with an editor and I’m glad I chose her…thank you Megan, for your patience, suggestions, expertise and polishing my manuscript. Check out Joseph Editorial Services, LLC if you need your book edited!!!!"

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Janee Thompson

"I've been working with Megan since 2020. Her feedback has always been super helpful and actionable. I especially appreciate her this time around for my latest writing project because I was at a real low point in my life before picking up writing after taking a year off and cranked out a book in a summer. I submitted my first draft to her for a manuscript review (which I don't normally do because I try to make it the best it can be before I submit), and she really worked through it with me and helped me transform it to the best writing it could be. I love her kindness, availability, and openness. Thanks, Megan!"

Marcia Lewis

"I am so excited to leave this review! I trusted Megan Joseph with my life and she saved me. I wrote a memoir about my journey with cancer and she took my very flawed manuscript and created a book. If God leads me to write again, I will definitely call Megan again."

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Stacy McCall-Martin

"Megan was such a joy to work with. She was patient with me and gave very thoughtful and constructive feedback. She made me a better writer. Her knowledge and experience gave me confidence in the concept I wrote, and her encouragement was invaluable."


Miss Jenesequa

"Megan is such an amazing editor! Fast turnaround and wonderful editing skills. I would definitely recommend her."


Bre Shadae

"Very patient and professional! Megan's feedback is always deliberate and encouraging. Her kindness is something I've never found to be duplicated. Highly recommend."

Justin Hale

"She’s fantastic! She gave me the confidence to not only publish my first novel, but to take it to a whole other level. Also, if you need an editor, I highly recommend her. I couldn’t have gotten across the finish line without Megan."


Mahogany & Sage

"I MUST brag on Megan Joseph! One of the most professional, reliable, and thorough editors I’ve come across!! Her expertise and attention to detail is top notch. Constantly in communication with me and nurturing also! When my co-author and I were scammed by another editor, Megan made it her business to make sure we didn’t leave the industry. Her exact words were, 'I need to do this project with you because I have a responsibility to make this right for every editor that looks like us!' I was already traumatized and skeptical but there was something genuine and pure about her. Within a few months, she took our project and us and worked MAGIC! I believe we have found our “Forever Editor” and I’m glad the turmoil I had to endure caused us to cross paths when we did. Her most powerful line is, 'I got you' and she’s proven it over and over. So, if you need an editor, check her out. The woman is gifted, talented, and anointed in her craft. Thank you so much again!"

Yolanda Williams

"Megan is outstanding! She's very professional and timely with her services. I highly recommend Joseph Editorial Services to ensure your work is on point because she definitely is! I have dubbed Megan my editor and I'm looking forward to working with her in the future."


MyKisha Mac

"I think I speak for most authors when I say this, we truly appreciate an editor who's just as passionate about giving us the best version of our books as we are. That means a lot and is the reason why we return to your services."

Chavonne Mateen

"Thank you for making my words soar! Your editing skills, guidance, and attention to detail transformed "Shaylah Marston and the Rogue Roots" into a literary masterpiece. I appreciate you, Queen!"


Nikita Nicole

"This was my first novel, and I was truly nervous about finding someone who would not only keep my voice and tone throughout the book but walk me through the process as well. Megan not only edited my book which she was hired to do, but she also pushed me to elaborate and be more detailed when needed. The experience was seamless and amazing. I will definitely use her on my next novel."

Jessica Cage

"Megan is awesome at what she does. She is professional, thorough at what she does, and always punctual. So glad to have found her! I highly recommend her services."


Deitra L. Tucker

"Megan's professionalism was superb. She understood me from the beginning. Looking forward to future endeavors. She is my Editor!!!!"

Lewis Pressley

"I would recommend Megan to everybody who needs a professional touch with their writing. Joseph Editorial Services worked wonders in helping me line up my book. She was patient with me and guided me through the process of writing to publishing."


B.D. Hendrix

"Want an amazing editor? Megan is who you want. Trust me! She is the truth and gives the best feedback. She edited my first novel, "Heaven Can Wait," and I couldn't have been happier with the job she did!"

Theresa Hodge

"Joseph Editorial Services does excellent work, and the prices are affordable. I wholeheartedly recommend. Megan has edited and proofread several of my manuscripts, and she doesn't disappoint. She is very professional, courteous, and is really easy to work with. I thank God I found her, and I look forward to her editing more of my work in the future!"


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