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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.

Revelation 12:11

It's time to

Write Your Testimony

Your experiences are powerful tools God wants to use to set others free. Are you ready to write your testimony? 

She took my very flawed manuscript and created a book.
"I am so excited to leave this review! I trusted Megan Joseph with my life and she saved me. I wrote a memoir about my journey with cancer and she took my very flawed manuscript and created a book. If God leads me to write again, I will definitely call Megan again."

Marcia Lewis


Authors & Publishers

How I Empower

Your testimony is vital to someone else's survival. The answers they desperately need are locked inside of your words. Are you willing to release them?

I help anointed people- authors, publishers, coaches, consultants, emerging thought leaders, entrepreneurs, those in the five-fold ministry, etc.- write books that change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of those who read their words.

My vision is simple: every testimony needs to be heard because it holds the key to someone else's freedom. I'd be honored to join you on your quest to step into your calling as a published author. I'm not here to sell you dreams about your book making you tons of money and garnering you fame. What I do offer is an opportunity to be obedient to your call to write and to release a book that is impactful.

To stand out in the current market, you need more than a pretty cover and rushed words. My proven strategies will help you connect with your target audience in a way that preserves the anointing and integrity of your testimony. If you've ever been told you can't write a book, I'm here to challenge that with the truth: YES YOU CAN! If you've started several times, but can't seem to finish, I guarantee you that you'll finish this time. Together, we'll get your book released with excellent quality so it can impact your readers without the distractions of errors and muddled storytelling.

My clients are New York Times Bestselling authors, USA Today Bestselling authors, and Amazon Bestselling authors who routinely receive five-star reviews from readers for their storytelling prowess. I'm excited to show you how I contributed to that success through the gifts God gave me.


Megan has the unique ability to take the untapped potential of an author, pull threads that are invisible to the regular eye and help them turn their dreams into a beautiful written vision. Megan Joseph is one of the most professional individuals that I know and her evaluations are simply UNMATCHED!!!


Michelle Davis

It's Time To Stop

second guessing your purpose and underestimating your voice. 

God allowed you to come through those obstacles to show others how they can also overcome. Let's work together to harness the power in your testimony and share it with the world. 


Very patient and professional! Megan's feedback is always deliberate and encouraging. Her kindness is something I've never found to be duplicated. I really have enjoyed working with her. Very professional and encouraging. I recommend her services to everyone. Highly recommend!

Bre Shade-Davis

Want a free sample edit? Fill out this form, include your first chapter and I'll get back to you in 2-3 business days. 
Upload File

Thank you! Please expect an email from me soon. 

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"I think I speak for most authors when I say this, we truly appreciate an editor who's just as passionate about giving us the best version of our books as we are. That means a lot and is the reason why we return to your services." 

Black and White Stationery Notes A4 Docu

MyKisha Mac

Why Choose Me?


My mission is to help you release a book that represents you, your brand, and the testimony you want to share with excellence. I'm not going to rip apart your book and my feedback, even when critical, will be focused on practical methods to strength it and grow your confidence. 


Every editing service I offer includes unlimited revisions and we will talk between each round. This way, I'm able to help you learn, produce an amazing product, and ensure the work is 99% free of typos and errors. While the standard rate of 95% accuracy is acceptable, I want to give you my best. 


I offer a free sample edit before every service to prove my value to your project before any money is exchanged. I want you to feel confident with my knowledge, skill, and commitment to your testimony. Whether written as fiction or nonfiction, I'm well-versed and have the skillset to help your testimony stand out.  I also offer special rates for publishing companies. 


I function as a partner for you during this process. You can reach out to me at any time, and I'll answer as quickly as I can. While we are working, you are my priority. After the service is done, I'm always available for guidance, feedback, or encouragement.






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I MUST brag on Megan Joseph! One of the most professional, reliable, and thorough editors I’ve come across!! Her expertise and attention to detail is top notch. Constantly in communication with me and nurturing also! When my co-author and I were scammed by another editor, Megan made it her business to make sure we didn’t leave the industry. Her exact words were, “I need to do this project with you because I have a responsibility to make this right for every editor that looks like us!” I was already traumatized and skeptical but there was something genuine and pure about her. Within a few months, she took our project and us and worked MAGIC! I believe we have found our “Forever Editor” and I’m glad the turmoil I had to endure caused us to cross paths when we did. Her most powerful line is, “I got you” and she’s proven it over and over. So, if you need an editor, check her out. The woman is gifted, talented, and anointed in her craft. Thank you so much again!

Dr. Flo Davis

Consulting & Full Editing Suite

8-12 Weeks


This is my most popular service where I help authors take their ideas and turn them into books. We work through every stage of the editing process as well, so by the time we're done, you're ready to publish. 

Works well for:

Writers who want to perfect their writing style, gain confidence in their ability to tell a story and who desire to work with me one-on-one long term.

Investment: $1,000


Developmental and Content Editing: rewriting, as well as detailed critical feedback on structure, coherence, concept, positioning, clarity, audience, and marketability.

Line and Copy Editing with Proofreading: grammar, punctuation, readability, flow, diction, syntax, and minor rewriting and restructuring on the phrasal level.

Manuscript Evaluation: detailed commentary on the manuscript’s flow, structure, cohesiveness, story arc, character development, plot structure, marketability, readability, and any other issues that may affect the quality of the work.

 1-hour of direct phone consultations with the editor to discuss the manuscript and their revisions and recommendations after each round of editing.

Unlimited subsequent rounds of review to assess post-edit changes.


"She was absolutely amazing through out the process. From the feedback to the encouragement, and even the patience in showing me the ropes throughout the process. I could not have made "Focus: The Wakeup" what it is without her amazing skills!"

Tameshia Arthur

Black White Minimalist Logo (6)_edited.p

Quick Review

2-4 Weeks

Copy-editing with a fast turnaround. Includes a round of proofreading.

Works well for:

  • Authors who need their book back fast.

  • Experienced authors who need a second set of eyes prior to publishing. 

Investment: $500








Comments in liner notes along the margins of the manuscript.

1-hour call to discuss revisions

1 page custom recap document 


"I would recommend Megan to everybody who needs a professional touch with their writing. Joseph Editorial Services worked wonders in helping me line up my book. She was patient with me and guided me through the process of writing to publishing."

Lewis Pressley


Manuscript evaluation

Begins with a one-hour consultation to discuss the author's goals, ideal reader, and content.
Inludes feedback on all aspects of the manuscript’s flow, structure, cohesiveness, story arc, character development, plot structure, marketability, target audience, and readability, as well as any other issues that may affect the quality of the book. The critique and feedback is provided in the form of liner notes along the margins of the manuscript, a separate document of analysis and suggestions (typically 3–6 pages long), and a one-hour phone consultation with the editor.

Works well for:


4 Weeks

  • Authors who have completed their manuscript and desire to strengthen it before publication.

Investment: $250

  • Published works that have negative reviews.


"Megan has edited and proofread several of my manuscripts, and she doesn't disappoint. She is very professional, courteous, and is really easy to work with. I thank God I found her, and I look forward to her editing more of my work in the future!"

Theresa Hodge


The most important call you'll ever make to help you get started.

Clarity Call



  • 1-hour call

  • Strategy session to discuss author's goals, target audience, content and structure.

  • Marketing and promotion ideas.

  • Establish tone and style ideas.

  • 1-page custom recap document.

Works well for:

  • Those who have a book idea but aren't sure how to start.

  • Anyone experiencing writers block or unsure how to continue.

  • People with general questions they'd like to have answered one-on-one.

Investment: $50


"Megan is awesome at what she does. She is professional, thorough at what she does, and always punctual. So glad to have found her! I highly recommend her services."

Jessica Cage


Megan, FOUNDER & Lead Editor 


Megan founded Joseph Editorial Services, LLC in May of 2018 as a stay-at-home wife and mother. At that time, her love of reading and words, along with her desire to remain in the home full-time, led her on a quest to help authors release amazing books without breaking the bank. By the grace of God, she was able to impact over a dozen secular/mainstream publishers and more than 100 self-publishing authors. She was nominated for Editor of the Year twice by the Literary Gem Awards and saw her clients achieve bestselling status at the Amazon, New York Times, and USA Today levels.


After five years of success stories supporting publishers and authors, God called her to something new: to serve His people who have been instructed to or desire to share their testimonies and wisdom through the written word. This birthed her new initiative: Write Your Testimony with Joseph Editorial Services. 

Though the client base changes, her dedication and commitment to excellence remains. Her approach to editing focuses on preserving the writer's voice, allowing them to present their words in an unfiltered, genuine way. Megan believes editing is a collaborative process, where the writer holds the ultimate authority to decide what should make the final cut. The focus on guidance rather than compliance makes her clients feel at ease and in control while they work together.

Each client works with Megan one-on-one as she uses her proven methods to see their vision realized. This is a primary reason that though many of her clients have been told they would never release a book and the statistics say only three percent of people who want to write a book do so, her clients finish every single time.


The Bible says a three-fold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Are you ready to form your cord with Megan and the Holy Spirit partnering with you to release your testimony to the world?

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