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Joseph Editorial Services

We are committed to transforming your literary gems into diamonds!

Who we are

Joseph Editorial Services is a small business dedicated to providing quality editing services to authors and publishers at cost-effective rates. One of our core functions is to preserve the author's voice and writing style. So, we're not going to rip your book apart or provide you critical feedback that'll discourage you from continuing to write. We will help you craft your unique style, so that your book accurately represents you, your business, and your brand. We are committed to helping all authors, regardless of their experience. Our motto is, transforming gems into diamonds, because that is exactly what we will do with your manuscript. We take the work you've already done and enhance it.

What we've done

To date, we've worked on hundreds of thousands of pages; over 1,000 manuscripts, blogs, articles, and various other forms of print media. Here are a few of our most recent works. We specialize in works of fiction.

What our clients say

KC Mills

Best Selling Author

Need a professional, talented editor? Check her out. You won't be disappointed!

Jahquel J

Best Selling Author

Go on and book! The best! Told her I was nervous when I sent my book to her, and the analysis she sent me confirmed I have nothing to be worried about. 

What we can do for you


There are four phases in the editing process, and following that order is critical to ensure your manuscript accurately relays your vision to your target audience.


Phase one is developmental editing. This is a big picture edit that focuses on the plot, structure, characterization, pace, viewpoint narrative style, and tense of the manuscript.


Phase two is the line edit. This is a stylistic, sentence-level edit that focuses on sense and flow. To do so, it examines authenticity, character traits, narration, engagement, dialogue, pace and flow, tenses, and exposition. 


Phase three is the copy edit. This is a sentence-level edit that concentrates on correcting the technical aspects of the manuscript, including: chapter sequencing, dialogue tagging, letter, word, line, and paragraph spacing, logic of timeline, environment, and character traits, spelling grammar, syntax, punctuation, hyphenation, and capitalization. It also ensures the manuscript is in standard document format. 


The final phase is proofreading. This is an integral step that ensures your manuscript is as close to error free as possible. This service provides a detailed language check and corrects layout issues. It is the last check your manuscript will receive before publication. 


We also offer several other services, including Manuscript evaluations, synopsis editing, sensitivity reading, consulting, and editorial synopsis writing. 

Our services can be used individually or combined to create unique packages to better meet your needs. 

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