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Megan Joseph, Black Editors and Proofreaders
Jahquel J, Cole Hart, B. Love, Nako Expo, KC Mills, K. Renee, Nikki Brown, Wahida Clark, Tina J, Miss Jenesequa
Jahquel J, Cole Hart, B. Love, Nako Expo, KC Mills, K. Renee, Nikki Brown, Wahida Clark, Tina J, Miss Jenesequa

Your words need to be read as you wrote them, with your intention intact. I am dedicated to your message and want to ensure it translates well to your target audience.

Are you ready to take your book from an idea to published work that inspires others?

 Apply to work with me today to find out how I can help you turn your idea into a published book that will impact those who read it.

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You have a book idea that will change lives.

Maybe you've started writing but haven't finished the first draft. You may have even finished the first draft, submitted it for feedback, and become discouraged by the response.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, it's time to finish.

Your story needs to be told.

There are people waiting to hear your words and the wisdom they carry.

You know you were called to write, to impact people with your story and the things you've overcome, but you're not sure how to release it to the world. 

I get it and I'm challenging you to try again. Move forward. Let me show you the difference it makes to have an editor on your team who believes in your words and their ability to changes lives. 

It's time to share your story.

Let's connect and take your book from an idea to an impactful published work.

Black Editors and Proofreaders

Not sure where or how to begin? That's where I come in!

Marcia Lewis, Jahquel J, Cole Hart, B. Love, Nako Expo, KC Mills, K. Renee, Nikki Brown, Wahida Clark, Tina J, Miss Jenesequa

Marcia Lewis

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"I am so excited to leave this review! I trusted Megan Joseph with my life and she saved me. I wrote a memoir about my journey with cancer and she took my very flawed manuscript and created a book. If God leads me to write again, I will definitely call Megan again."

Rian Jenkins, Jahquel J, Cole Hart, B. Love, Nako Expo, KC Mills, K. Renee, Nikki Brown, Wahida Clark, Tina J, Miss Jenesequa

Rian Jenkins

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"If you want to take your book to the next level and guarantee a quality best seller, you will definitely and in-regrettably hire Megan B. Joseph of Joseph Editorial Services for whatever project you're seeking to publish. She specializes in pushing you past your potential to produce stellar content."

Nikita Nicole, Self-Publishing, Find a Black Editor, Editor Recommendations

Nikita Nicole

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"This was my first novel, and I was truly nervous about finding someone who would not only keep my voice and tone throughout the book but walk me through the process as well. Megan not only edited my book which she was hired to do, but she also pushed me to elaborate and be more detailed when needed. The experience was seamless and amazing. I will definitely use Joseph Editorial on my next novel."

Wahida Clark's Editor, Endiya Carter, Black Editors and Proofreaders, Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor, Writing Help

Hi! I'm Megan, the owner of Joseph Editorial Services where I help authors take their books from ideas to published works that impact readers. 

I'm an Air Force veteran, wife of a Navy retiree for thirteen years, and mother to five beautiful, amazing children. I have a master's in health care administration and minored in adult education. I fell in love with reading as a young girl and spent most of my time engrossed in a storyline. It was then that I realized a great story can change the way you look at life. It can transform your mindset and cause you to believe in things you once thought were impossible. It can give you the faith to do something you once were too afraid to do.

For the last five years, I've aspired to help people write and self-publish. I've assisted with the publication of thousands of books and worked one-on-one with hundreds of authors. It's been an honor to watch those books impact authors and readers around the world. I love seeing people empowered through the words of an author who gave up on their dream of publishing. They chose to try again and this time, it paid off.

I opened Joseph Editorial Services to help those who desire to release books but have been told they aren't good enough. For those who want to write but aren't sure where to begin or are stuck in the process. For people just like you who have a message that needs to be shared with the world. My mission is to present your words authentically and with power, so they create change in the reader. Are you ready to allow your words to create change?

I'm positive I can help you and am so excited to join your journey to release your words! 

Jessica Cage Recommends Joseph Editorial Services, Djinn Rebellion, Siren Series, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction

Jessica Cage

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"Megan is awesome at what she does. She is professional, thorough at what she does, and always punctual. So glad to have found her! I highly recommend her services."

Lewis Pressley, Client Review, Black Editors and Proofreaders

Lewis Pressley

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"I would recommend Joseph Editorial Service to everybody who needs a professional touch with their writing. Joseph Editorial Service worked wonders in helping me line up my book. Joseph Editorial Service was patient with me and guided me through the process of writing to publishing."

Theresa Hodge, Books by Theresa Hodge, Interracial Romance

Theresa Hodge

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"Megan has edited and proofread several of my manuscripts, and she doesn't disappoint. She is very professional, courteous, and is really easy to work with. I thank God I found her, and I look forward to her editing more of my work in the future!"

Ready to get started? 

Select your program below and apply to work with me!

Self-Publishing, You can self-publish, self-publishing help, Megan Joseph, Joseph Editorial Services

A 90-day, one-on-one editing and consulting mix designed to take authors from their completed first draft to published quickly and efficiently.

You Can Self Publish!

Finish Your Book Fast, Finish Your Book, Write Your Book, Writing Help, Writing Coach

Finish Your Book Fast!

A 60-day, one-on-one, fast-track coaching program for writers who are ready to finish the first draft.

Editing, Line editing, copy editing, proofreading, developmental editing, manuscript evaluating, all editing services, editing help, self-publishing
Evaluate My Manuscript, Writing Help, Manuscript Evaluation, Editor, Black Editor and Proofreader, Megan Joseph

All You Need Is Editing!

This 60-day program is a one-stop shop for editing and works through the full suite of services.

Evaluate My Manuscript!

This is a full review of your book to determine the strengths and weaknesses. It also provides advice on improvements to better serve your ideal reader. It takes 30-days to complete.

Consultation, Connect My Content Clarity Call, Writing help, writing coach

Connect My Content Clarity Call

This is a 45-minute clarity call that allows you to ask questions about your book.

*Prices for projects up to 50k words. For larger manuscripts, please inquire.

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