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Whether you have a rough concept for your book, or you’ve completed the first draft, we can help! Our goal is to preserve the authenticity of your words, tone, and writing style, allowing you to release a book that accurately represents your vision.


At Joseph Editorial Services, we do more than correct spelling and grammar. We help authors unlock the potential in their words, so they can stand out in the literary industry!





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One of the things that makes me different from other editors is my commitment to the author's words. I think far too often, editors impose their own will on a manuscript, almost forcing authors to rewrite it so it meets with the editor's convictions. I've seen many talented authors give up on writing because they've been critiqued too harshly by an editor. I’ve read more rants on why a book wasn’t good and what an editor disliked about the storyline and characters disguised as manuscript evaluations than I care to remember. Each time, I was deeply saddened at the callousness with which the writer was treated. Somewhere along the way, editors became synonymous with tearing up books and changing their foundation, rather than assisting the author to enhance what they wrote. That’s not okay, and it’s something I’m seeking to change one author at a time.
My mission is to preserve the authenticity of your words, thoughts, and vision for your book. It shouldn't read the way I, nor anyone else, would write it. Your genuineness should be maintained at all costs. It is my job to help you present your words in a way that is easily digested by the reader, so nothing impacts their ability to see the picture you've painted. It is not my job to tell you what your readers will or won't like. Reader taste varies greatly, even within the same sub-genre, so it’s inconsiderate and dishonest to tell an author no one is going to read or enjoy their book, in my opinion.
Joseph Editorial Services will always remain faithful to your voice. It's a point of pride for me to see an author who has been beaten down by the industry finally release their book…and then to watch readers bestow praise on them for the work. Your words deserve to be heard as you wrote them, with your intention intact. Allow us the opportunity to show you the difference it makes to have an editor who is focused on helping you grow rather than changing your perspective.

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Lewis Pressley, Author

I would recommend Joseph Editorial Service to everybody who needs a professional touch with their writing. Joseph Editorial Service worked wonders in helping me line up my book. Joseph Editorial Service was patient with me and guided me through the process of writing to publishing.



Theresa Hodge, USA Today Bestselling Author

Megan has edited and proofread several of my manuscripts, and she doesn't disappoint. She is very professional, courteous, and is really easy to work with. I thank God I found her, and I look forward to her editing more of my work in the future!


Michelle Davis, Publisher

Joseph Editorial Services has the unique ability to take the untapped potential of an author, pull threads that are invisible to the regular eye and help them turn their dreams into a beautiful written vision. Megan Joseph's the owner is one of the most professional individuals that I know and her evaluations are simply UNMATCHED!!!

"It is imperative that you hire a professional to look at and evaluate your work. I'm grateful that I met Megan Joseph."

Riann Jenkins, Author

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Your book is your story. No one can tell it the way you can. I'm committed to ensuring it's told your way, in your unique writing style, and for your target audience.


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My name is Megan Joseph, and I am so excited you're considering Joseph Editorial Services to meet your editing needs. Thank you! Your support of my small business means everything to me. 


Reading has always been my passion, and that love for written words helped me create this brand. Simply stated, Joseph Editorial Services is a business that caters to authors. My customizable services and flexible payment options are designed to ensure all authors have access to professional editing without breaking the bank.


One of my greatest joys is helping authors bring their vision to life. The feeling of triumph after the editing process is complete is incomparable and I hope to have an opportunity to share that experience with you!

x Megan